dinsdag 19 februari 2013

PA1B 0 - 36 dB Attenuator for QSO's

Last week, the info  on the interesting Attenuator page  of my web site was updated.
I added new info on the PA1B 0 - 36 dB Attenuator, specially designed for QSO's (Click)
I also placed new info on the PA1B 0 - 36 dB Attenuator, under the Tab's on the top of this Blog.

A simple way to reduce the power of your QRP transceiver, without modifying the set, is the use of attenuators.  This accurate PA1B  0 - 36 dB attenuator, is an excellent attenuator, to use in QSO's with very low power. This attenuator enables you, in contest QSO's, to go to the next setting instandly, when your call is not heard.
The combination   20 dB - 10 dB - 3 dB - 3 dB  is very quick to adjust in contest QSO's.
The choice of the values, makes it very easy to calculate the power at the output instantly.
This accurate Power Attenuator is designed for the use in QSO's.
With only 4 switches it is surprisingly fast and easy to operate.

Power Attenuator Calculator
I use the excellent Power Attenuator Calculator (Click), for the
design of the Power Attenuators.
With the Power Attenuator Calculator, you can design an attenuator for any input power.

Read more about attenuators on the attenuator Page.

On  my web site: Home - PA1B QRPp page 

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