zondag 21 oktober 2012

Corrected Layout of the Power Attenuators in Sprat

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Sprat 152 features the article:
Power Attenuators with carbon resistors from the E12-series,
by Bert PA1B

I spent a lot of time and enjoyed making the drawing of the layout for this article in Sprat. 
But unfortunately the drawing of the layout published is Sprat 152, is  NOT correct. 

Please use this Corrected Layout to build your attenuators.

In the drawing of the layout the resistor R2 should be connected to R1 and R3. The resistor R5 should be conected to R4 and R6.
The arrows point to the right connections.

Markus DL6YYM found the info on the attenuators for 5 watts on the PA1B QRPp page and sent his questions by e-mail. In this e-mail exchange, I sent the schematic and the drawing of the layout of the 10 dB and 20 dB attenuators, that were published in Sprat 152. Markus discovered that the published layout is not correct, while he was building the attenuator. So here is the Corrected Layout. So I thank Markus, for his attentiveness. 

I already sent the corrected layout to George G3RJV and he replied, that the layout will be in the next issue.

Good luck in QRPp.

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